Under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, programme for education, training, youth and sports for the period between 2014. – 2020., the Association of the deaf and hard of hearing of the city of Zagreb has been elected to receive funds for the implementation of the project named “New methods for inclusion”, with partnership with institutes from Romania and Latvia.

Erasmus+ programme covers all of the European and international programmes and initiatives from European Union in the area of education, training, youth and sports and is focused on strengthening knowledge, skills and employability of European citizens as well as improving education, training and work in the field of youth and sports.

Agency for mobility and EU programmes, which is the central national institution for the activities of mobility in education and science sectors as well as in the area of youth, with the task of strengthening of the instruments of mobility in the purpose of education and specialization as well as research and innovation encouraging, is to be held responsible for the implementation of the Programme.

Funds for the strategic partnership between Croatia, Romania and Latvia have been assigned under the Call for proposals under the Erasmus+ programme for 2015. (EAC/A04/2014), for the strategic partnerships in the area of education and training, in the amount of 463.262,08 HRK (61.604,00 €).

Project “New methods for inclusion” is a strategic partnership between the Civil society organizations: Association of the deaf and hard of hearing of the city of Zagreb from Croatia, Centru pentru Recuperare, Reabilitare si Educatie Speciala from Romania and Baltic Regional Fund from Latvia, all of which are involved in the work with youth with fewer opportunities. The Project was created as the result of the analysis of the society needs, which showed that communication barriers are the main source of the exclusion of the youth with hearing impairments, as well as youth with other communication impairments, from the society. Project activities enable their active participation and the production of the manual “Learn how to communicate, learn how to include” will be one of the contributions to the benefit of overcoming communication barriers.

Implementation of the Project has begun on the 1st of October 2015., and will last for twenty months, with following objectives:

General objective:

  • achieving european dimension in operation of the partner organizations, to strengthen the partnership between organizations that work with youth with fewer opportunities and to create a basis of the informal network of the organizations which include the aforementioned youth in their work.

Specific objective:

  • elevating the skills needed in work with youth and to develop new methods of work with youth with fewer opportunities, especially ones with communication barriers all in the purpose of empowering capacity of the included associations
  • increasing the social capacity of the hearing impaired persons and to reduce prejudice of the local community towards its inclusion in the community of persons with disabilities
  • creating a manual which contains new informal methods of work with youth with fewer opportunities (mainly youth with communication barriers) and new ways of overcoming communication barriers
  • enabling better planning and composing of the projects and exchange of good practice between our organizations.

Project is conceived as the equal cooperation between three organizations in hope of strengthening mutual cooperation, developing european dimension of the partner organizations and as an example of good practice exchange, which will lead to strengthening of community’s social capital. Participants of the Project will be both youth workers and young people from partner organizations while indirect beneficiaries will be youth workers across the Europe as well as youth with communication barriers. Both printed edition and DVD of the “Learn how to communicate, learn how to include” manual, as the indirect result of the partnership, will serve as a unique reference book in further work with youth with communication barriers and other young people that are excluded from the society based on aforementioned barriers. Project activities will be held in Croatia, Romania and Latvia, while the overall effect will be much wider and will include young people and youth workers across Europe. Dissemination of the Project results will enable long-term effect and sustainability, because organizations from countries other than those that are a part of the Project will have use from the intellectual results and will be able to implement activities that will be annex of this cooperation.

European project of strategic partnership of the Association of the deaf and hard of hearing of the city of Zagreb “NEW METHODS FOR INCLUSION”
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