Association of the deaf and hard of hearing of the city of Zagreb

The Association:

  • gathers deaf and hard-of-hearing people, parents and providers of children and youth with hearing loss as well as those with none or limited ability to work for the purpose of improving their social status when facing everyday difficulties;
  • participates in the organization and development of all forms of social life within the system of social care for deaf people on its territory for the purpose of enabling them to exercise their rights and meet their obligations in the way they deem it suitable;
  • notifies competent city and state authorities of existing problems faced by the deaf, which need to be solved with help of a wider social community and proposes measures for their settlement;
  • provides professional help in overcoming communication obstacles faced by deaf and hard-of-hearing people in their everyday life and work, direct organization, both within its own capacities but also in cooperation with other organizations, in respect of the social life of its members, particularly in the areas of information, education, culture and arts, leisure and other social activities, as well as support to its members in joining similar activities outside the Association;
  • keeps records on its members, properties and financial assets.
  • participation in organisation and development of all forms of social life and system of care for deaf people, so they could appropriately achieve their rights; all in the area of protecting general human rights;
  • informing competent municipal and national authorities about the existence of certain problems of deaf and hard of hearing people, when help is needed from wider social community;
  • collaboration with the local government, especially with the competent City Department of Social Welfare and People with Disabilities;
  • promoting and encouraging the integration of the deaf in the family, workplace and other forms of social life;
  • implementation of projects that are intended for a specific group or include specific topic. (particular emphasis is placed on the development of communication skills, exploring the broader community with the specific consequences of deafness – particularly communication that affects the lives of the deaf people in any community).
  • everyday contact and interaction with deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • individual and group work with deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • consultation of deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • construction of members social history
  • construction and writing of requests and reports
  • collaboration with the local government, especially with the competent City Department of Social Welfare and People with Disabilities
  • organization and implementation of numerous activities and events which include deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • preparation, realization and follow up on many different projects and reports
  • conduction and coordination of individual project and other Association activities
  • coordination and integration of deaf and hard-of-hearing family members
  • work on Associations database
  • interpretation and/or translation to/from sign language in everyday situations
  • coordination of sign language interpreters
  • teaching sign language courses