Baltic Regional fund

The “Baltic Regional fund” is a non governmental organisation and foundation, supporting social and intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and cultural exchange among young people and adults. The organization is located in Riga but the foundation organizes regular activities in the whole of Latvia as well as collaborating on a European level, implementing educational projects.

Foundation target groups are: youth, students, adults and especially groups of social risk – early school leavers, seniors, unemployed, migrants and youngsters with fewer oportunities.

Organization’s activities: Project work, seminars, training courses and consulting, online TV. The Baltic Regional fund focusses especially on training business skills, project management, ICT instruments, leadership, team building, communication, active participation, intercultural skills etc. The foundation is also involved in social integration projects in areas such as education and integration into the Latvian society.

The organization members are youth, students, teachers, academics and social active persons. The members are very active, professionally experienced, highly educated, well motivated and social active persons, and all are dedicated to the improvement of educational systems, as well as in enhancing personal skills. The members of the foundation are also participating in policy-making processes between the public sector and NGO’s in Latvia. In organisation are employed 7 employees and more than 20 experts are involved in different projects, as well as numbers of volunteers.

The organisation actively are working with European projects and implement different activities and trainings, including projects about communication and integration. In our work we use different non-formal education methods, including discussions, statements, group work, forum theater etc. Especially these activities are promoted in youth center „BaMbuss”, where we organize a multi-faceted activities – workshops, non-formal learning, discussions and specialized clubs, train volunteers and developing mentoring and peer support network and provide career counseling. The organisation provide logistic services to Agency for International projects for youth and last few years we organized more than 10 trainings for youngsters with fewer oportunities and foundation has wide data base with youngsters from all over Latvia.

From 2014 organisation is implemeting Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project “Unlocking Talent & Potencial” with the objectives to develop local communities and economies through contribution to school envirovement, education business engagement, building capacity within staff and supporting progressive skills development and the understanding of unique strengths of every young people. Within the project it will be published the developped model with supporting documents and resources, together with an open-access catalogue of case studies, to which others can be added in the future.

In 2014 foundation implemented local project “Tell a story” where was created a new method of non-formal education and produced materials – special cards. Method is based on the storytelling technique. Method approach and materials now are widely used in all Latvia and with different target groups – families, students, young people, people with fewer oportunitie, unemployed people, minorities, representatives of third-country nationals, seniors and others.

In 2014 implemented project “It’s all in  the game” to experience and to exchange the different games as tools in order to develop personal and professional competences for youngsters. The special attention was given to games and activities, where youngsters can develop skills which are essential in nowadays, especially entrepreneurial competences.

In Project will be involved member of the board Ginta Salmina, who has a various experience in EU project work – as Project manager, coordinator, trainer and etc. She has also business and project managment skills and a broad knowledge in many topics, such as global education, volunteering, intercultural learning, democracy and civic engagement, non-formal and informal learning, adult education. Ginta Salmina is also leading trainings for National agency.