Centrul pentru Recuperare, Reabilitare si Educatie Speciale

The Education and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRES) is a municipal institution devoted to provide quality social services to children, youth and adults with physical, mental or sensory disabilities (from moderate cases to severe ones). The institution is a Day Care Centre that functions on local level. Its premises include 220 sq. meters altogether, divided into 3 specialized classrooms and 3 halls, 2 separate logistic offices, a room for specialized therapy, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

In addition to all the activities, our approach includes assisting families in understanding each person’s positive qualities which helps to build a stronger family unit and greatly improves each person’s opportunities for a well-adjusted life.

As we are constantly looking for new ways to develop our programmes by providing the best quality service and professional help, we take part in various scientific projects, and we put great emphasis on cooperation and networking with domestic and foreign institutions, organisations, universities and professionals from different fields.

The staff of the organization isn’t specialized only in providing highly specialized rehabilitation services but also for ensuring high quality education services for the needs of the adult learners who are coming to the Centre. We encourage each person and help them realize and fully develop their potential, to reach their maximum possible level of independence and a sense of self-realization. We use and adapt a variety of non-formal education techniques for the need of the disadvantaged community and enhance their learning capacity in global challenges topics such as social inclusion, discrimination, tolerance, environmental education, sustainable living.

Some of the team members have more than 15 years of experience in providing social and educational care for the disadvantaged. They are part of the institution’s staff from the very beginning of our Centre (since 1997) and are responsible for the development as well as the introduction of innovative educational and rehabilitation practices.

Throughout the year the staff provides social cares for more than 100 clients, for 75 of them on a regular basis.

Our expert team consists of social worker, logotherapist, psychologist, 2 special education teachers, kinesitherapist, nurse and administrative stuff. All members of the expert team underwent numerous and diverse education and were focused on acquiring a variety of specific knowledge in different areas of education and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. All of them have completed additional various trainings on EU projects in their own and other related fields.

Although trained in various complementary areas all our experts are excellent team workers, forming a very functional transdisciplinary team. Transdisciplinary approach emphasizes communication, interaction and cooperation among team members in order to strengthen the team and develop the potential of the people with disabilities.

Team members:

  • Eduard Nicolescu, Manager of CRRES Buzau, PhD in Social Theology (social work / psychology), 20 years’ experience in social work. Also, 15 years work experience as a social manager, founder and president of Nongovernmental Association Tineret Buzau (2007), participated on more than 20 programs of the European Union, Anna Lindh foundation, UNESCO and NATO seminars.
  • Taralunga Cornelia, Logotherapist, MA Special Psychology, 30 years of experience-participated on European trainings
  • Irimia Florica, Psychologist, MA Human Behavior
  • Raluca Mateescu, Special education teacher

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