The third Workshop within the New Methods for Inclusion Project has just been held in the premises of the Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of the City of Zagreb, on Friday and Saturday, 15th and 16th of April, 2016. and it was the last Workshop on which Croatian participants independently developed new methods for non-verbal communication. This time we focused on two new methods – Role play and Evaluation.

Friday Workshop started with an Energizer and it continued with the introduction to Role play method where participants were presented with an example of the method through concepts of discrimination and inclusion. Afterwards, the participants were presented with instance of Evaluation method and it all ended with trainers offering an example of Evaluation method (in this case Pizza evaluation) where participants were asked to evaluate the trainers, atmosphere and group dynamics of the whole day.

Saturday passed in repetition of the two methods and group work. Participants were tasked to come up with activities for the Role play and Evaluation methods and were enthusiastic in presenting the aforementioned to the whole group as well as the trainers.

Next workshop is planned to be held after the transnational meeting in Riga, Latvia. During this Workshop we plan to test new methods that were developed by our partners – Romania and Latvia.


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