We are going further with the “New methods for inclusion” Project – Romanians join with the Workshops! After the Croatian team finished with the first series of their workshops, the Romanian team answered with three workshops of their own.

Workshops were held at the “Center for Recovery, Rehabilitation and Special Education” (CRRES Buzau) on 13th and 17th of March as well as on the premises of the “Special Technology High School for Children with Hearing Impairments” on 18th of March 2016.

First Workshop was preceded by a brief meeting on which the participants were introduced with the methods that arose from the Training course held in Zagreb (15th – 21st of January, 2016.) as an introductory method on what to do next. After that, participants (youth workers, youth with different disabilities from the Center and School as well as the staff from both organizations) discussed about the materials needed in following workshops (papers, pens, candles, incense pictures, balloons, rope, scissors, etc.).

The meeting blended into the first Workshop that started with establishing the group rules and a short discussion on what the objectives of the Workshop were. After that, the Trainer briefly explained basic things about the Erasmus+ Programme in general and lead us through the definitions of the new terms we were about to begin using, thus taking the Workshop to its second stage. The participants were then asked about their experience with different problems they were facing during similar activities and what are their suggestions on how to improve the overall inclusion of people with different disabilities in similar instances, through new non-verbal methods of inclusion.

Workshop ended with the overall positive feedback from both participants and Trainers, which left everyone in a cheerful mood and eager to attend the next one.

Venue of the second Workshop was at the “Special Technology High School for Children with Hearing Impairments”, on 17th of March, 2016., and it was a marathon one lasting seven hours. During the Workshop, new methods for inclusion were produced, implemented and improved by young deaf and hard of hearing people, all of which said that they understood each and every method produced.

Dissemination was extremely constructive, as young deaf and hard of hearing people were very precise on what their needs and desires are, as well as on the methods on how to achieve them (improvements of non-verbal education in particular).

The third Workshop was our most special one yet! It was held at CRRES Buzau and although we developed but a single method it is the one we are most proud of. During this workshop, we tried to tackle the needs of youths with severe autism by using aromatherapy as the sense of smell is in close contact with the part of the brain that controls anxiety and fear. In this method we associated the specific smells with colors and their representative object. Using scented sticks/candles, young people can make associations, develop their senses, improve cognitive and learning abilities, objects and colors. Method most appreciated by the young autistic people was combining the smell of fruit, drawing a bowl of fruit and learning about different colors all at the same time.

We all look forward to new workshops and can’t wait to develop new methods!

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